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Even the smallest of bathroom accessories can have a powerful impact on the look of your bathroom — and they can make or break whether your room has the luxury aesthetic you desire.

Forget the trend of exclusively chrome and metallic accents; embrace tones of silver and hues of gold!. Accessories in brushed metals will create a luxurious and contemporary new look to your bathroom.

Here, we’ll guide you in designing your bathroom, with an eye to the perfect metal accessories.


Brushed Stainless Steel

For those who desire silver but are not partial to the brightness of chrome, brushed stainless steel bathroom accessories are a fantastic choice.

Scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean brushed steel bathroom accessories bring bathrooms an air of elegance. For example, to create a more modern and contemporary look in a bathroom with white furnishings, a statement mirror with a brushed steel frame will soften the room’s hue without sacrificing light.

Bring this modern look further into fruition by adding a brushed steel towel rail, toilet roll holder, and soap dispenser holder for a consistently clean and cool-toned bathroom.


Brushed Brass

Perhaps your home embraces a more antique style, with dark-wooded vanities and filigree décor in tones of green, blue, mauve, and beige. Brushed brass is an attractive alternative to accent these colours but with a softer touch than gold.

Brushed brass is a fabulous hue if you want to keep that antique feel in your bathroom. For instance, strategically placing brushed brass Smith hooks to hang robes near brushed brass towel rings can create a functional yet subtle golden focal point. Consider completing the look with a matching brushed brass framed mirror!


Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel is another option if you’re in search of a cool-toned silver theme. Though this colour may seem similar to brushed steel, brushed nickel has a gold undertone, while steel is blue.

The faint golden undertone of brushed nickel bathroom accessories can play a complementary role in bathrooms with an off-white or beige vanity and bathtub. For example, a brushed nickel towel rail or ring will add function and a softened pop of metallic colour. Complete the look by adding a matching toilet roll holder or even a brushed nickel, wall-mounted magnifying mirror for the look of a luxury hotel.


Where to Purchase Brushed Metal Bathroom Accessories

Ready to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom? We can help — visit us at Origins Living! As the UK’s premier supplier of bathroom accessories, we are sure to have a product that will fit your style.