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I got together with UK blogger Sarah at Style & Décor recently to join her in a Q&A on her blog. She wanted to know which key bathroom décor ideas to expect this year and so much more. Just in case you missed it, you can see my interview with Sarah here:-

Bathroom decor trends with Sofia on Style & Decor blog

Sarah Worswick, founder of Style & Décor blog

Which key bathroom décor ideas can we expect this year?


Bathroom decor trends with Sofia and picture fro love Your Bathroom

This cloakroom from Love Your Bathroom demonstrates transitional design perfectly. This features our striking Docklands mirror, 80cm diameter, £265, which takes centre stage here in a beautiful brushed brass finish

Mixing it up is the new trend making waves in bathroom design. Known as ‘transitional’, it typically refers to meshing modern with traditional. But it can also mean mixing different genres, such as edgy industrial with country rustic. In fact, I think using transitional design is a great way to create a unique bathroom that truly reflects your individual style.

Dockside mirror representing open storage in bathroom trends

Our Dockside mirror, 30 by 60cm, £230, with open shelving, shows how open storage has evolved as a key bathroom trend this year. This image is courtesy of Lauren Sutton, head of design hub at Virtual Worlds

Open storage:

I predict open storage is set to be key for bathroom décor in 2021 and beyond. The minimalism mantra is over – at least for bathroom storage ideas. You no longer need to hide everything away, removing all traces of personality and pizzazz. This relates back to the past when luxury bathrooms were synonymous with the bare and unembellished. So there has been no place (literally or figuratively) for beautiful display items. However, times are changing, and the opportunity to display stylish possessions in the bathroom is an exciting concept for the home. Time then to embrace and experiment with the wide variety of open bathroom storage options available.

Tecno brushed nickel collection from Origins LivingOur Tecno brushed nickel collection demonstrates the inherent beauty of this finish in luxury bathroom design. Our Tecno Project towel rail, 66cm, costs £109

Metallic finishes

Brushed nickel and matt white are two metallic finishes to watch in 2021. I can safely say, with its timeless appeal, brushed nickel ‘transcends trends’ in bathroom decor. The beauty of brushed nickel, with its warm yellow hue blurs the edges between gold and silver. In fact, this makes it incredibly versatile. So, forget clinical. Matt white fittings will add a crisp freshness to the bathroom if this appeals to you. Simply pair them with natural materials, such as wood and restful greens, to create a warm, welcoming feel in a bathing space.

Outline white matt fittings

I showcased a selection of our Outline accessories, which stand out beautifully in this warm wood bathroom scheme

What advice would you give to an interior designer on translating bathroom décor ideas to work in a commercial or residential project?

The first thing to consider, is the bathing rituals of the household. Find out how they use the bathroom now and how they would ideally like it to be. Then consider the look they want to achieve, which will all be subject to space and budget available.

Whether designing for a one-bathroom home, a six-bedroom boutique hotel hideaway or a 300-room hotel, it’s all about creating meaningful experiences. Bathroom decor may need to work for a quick ‘wash n go’. And, at the other end of the spectrum, you may need to consider products to enhance time spent soaking in a warm luxurious bubble bath overlooking gorgeous views.

Bathroom decor should reflect the unique personality of the householder or hotel. In terms of projects for the latter, think how guests will use the bathroom above and beyond the essential wash. Is there adequate lighting around the mirror, are there enough hooks close at hand, has a shelf or basket been installed by the bath or shower for toiletries? It’s those little details you might not consider, that can make all the difference to the overall experience.

Let’s talk about wellbeing… How important will this concept become this year?

With growing evidence on how our environment affects our wellbeing, having the right personal spaces in our homes is becoming increasingly important, even more so after the year we’ve just had.

Neuro-aesthetics: the study of how design impacts us on an emotional level, and how our interaction with objects can give us pleasure has been a scientifically recognised phenomenon since the late 1990s. The consequences of this pandemic have heightened and accelerated the discussion around wellness. So, this is becoming a key trend in residential and hotel bathroom design.

One thing I’ve learned from more than 25 years in this industry, is that the bathroom is so much more than just a place to wash: it’s so many things to so many people. It’s a place to relax, retreat and escape from the ‘rat-race’. It’s quite possibly the only room in the house where you can be totally private and uninterrupted… and now, more than ever, having a sanctuary, a retreat and escape, which gives you even a few minutes of real ‘you time’, is a precious thing.

The impact of bathroom decor on our mental health should never be underestimated. A considered, holistic approach to designing a space can make all the difference to a scheme and ultimately our wellbeing.

American interior designer Albert Hadley

This wonderful quote which, for me, encompasses everything about interior design in the bathroom, from American interior designer Albert Hadley

How does biophilic design feature within this key bathroom trend?

City round mirrors in white bathroom decor

It’s a well-known fact that incorporating elements from nature into the built environment reduces stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and self-reported well-being. And how better to bring this idea to life than with bathroom decor?

‘Bringing the outside in’ doesn’t just mean adding plants, though they are a great choice! It’s all about increasing direct and indirect connectivity to the natural environment; so why not incorporate natural materials, light, colour and artwork depicting natural scenes and designs?

Why should mirrors form an integral part of a bathroom project?

Ravenna Light from Virtual Worlds

Our Ravenna light mirror, 140cm by 70cm, £690, demonstrates how a mirror can be so much more than just somewhere to check what you look like. Image courtesy of Lauren Sutton, head of design hub at Virtual Worlds

Mirrors are more than just a place to check your look. They’re a great design feature in their own right, and some would say ‘a work of art’. This stylish form of bathroom decor reflects light and space, making your bathing haven feel bigger and brighter. And they don’t have to placed over the basin. Make a style statement with an extra-wide mirror on the wall above a free-standing bath, if space allows.

Where do you get your inspiration from to design and create your bathroom mirrors, lighting, storage and accessories?

Versace in Paris France

I do love a visit to Versace and this store in Paris, France is beautiful

I get my inspiration from my passion for art and fashion. Even everyday items fascinate me, such as intricate designs on chopsticks, the way the sun filters through bamboo; anything and everything can spark my imagination. In fact, some of the best product ideas for bathroom decor come to me while showering – I would say that! For me, a product has to be fit for purpose and look beautiful, too.

Do you find there’s a strong link between catwalk fashion and interior design?

Definitely!  Catwalk fashion and interior design are both an individual expression of personal style. What’s hot on the catwalks, usually filters into home interiors. Fashion brands including Armani, Versace, Fendi and Missoni have a long tradition in home furnishings. Armani have their own exclusive collection of bathroom furniture and fittings, whilst Versace are big in tiles.

I hear bathscaping is having a moment in the bathroom. How can you successfully recreate this in a project?

Bathscaping from Waters Baths

I adore Water Baths of Ashbourne’s Breeze bath from their Elements Collection and the beautiful bathscaping in this period property

Move over tablescaping, the art of dressing up your coffee or dining table, as bathscaping is the new hit on Instagram. What is bathscaping? It’s about styling your bath area to create a haven of relaxation. The best thing about it, is that it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to recreate. Drape your fluffy towel over the bath or on a small stool. Add a bath tray with your luxury toiletries, a wooden body brush, the latest blockbuster novel and even a glass of your favourite bubbly. Plants are essential to complete the look – no self-respecting bathroom would be seen without one (real or, in my case, a faux silk orchid). Lastly, set the scene with gently flickering scented candles, switch off the ceiling lights, turn on your ambient lighting. And relax…

The Style & Décor blog is aimed at those who want to enjoy their life and love their home. There is also a dedicated interiors section, which is where my exclusive interview appears this month