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Hands up if you love looking at bathroom makeovers? I must confess that I’m a huge fan. When it comes to interiors, all of us have certain preferred styles, colours and combinations. But regardless of our individual tastes and personal preferences, we can always be educated and inspired by the vision and creativity of others. I learn so much from both major ‘before and after’ transformations, and simple, clever tips. Importantly, bathroom makeovers are such a good source of inspiration because they are real-life bathrooms. They are functional, as well as fabulous to look at. These bathrooms are realistic, and represent what can really be achieved. I am all for authenticity and keeping it real.

Of course, built sets and studio photography are wonderful to give bathroom ideas and showcase certain concepts. But nothing beats creating something real, something functional – and something that can actually be achieved in a standard-sized room. I believe real bathrooms are the most authentic way to gain inspiration while working on a project. That’s why Instagram and Pinterest are a great source of bathroom décor ideas. So, read on to discover nine of my favourite bathroom makeovers. I hope you find them as innovative and inspiring as I do!

Make a statement

Every so often, I see a bathroom design that stops me in my tracks. This is one of them. I love everything about this setting: the colours, shapes, patterns and textures. There really is something special about this room. There are many reasons why this is one of my favourite bathroom makeovers. Individually, all the key pieces are gorgeous: those glorious tiles, that beautiful basin, and of course, our stunning Docklands Hexagonal Mirror. But when they are placed together, something magical happens, and they become so much more than the sum of their parts. All of these elements, despite being so different, blend together seamlessly to make this exquisite style statement.

  Statement bathroom makeovers

Created by the talented Bethan of Freshwater Interiors, this bathroom makeover captures the very essence of transitional design – which typically refers to a balanced blend of contemporary and traditional. A key element is our black, aluminium frame Docklands Hexagonal mirror. It measures 50cm x 75cm and costs £165

Forest bathing

Just like biophilia, forest bathing is all about increasing our connectivity with the natural environment. The term, also known as shinrin-yoku, originated in Japan during the 1980s. In its purest sense, it involves submerging yourself in a forest location, and embracing the various sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors. Forest bathing helps to reduce stress, increase creativity and boost wellbeing. On many levels, it makes perfect sense to try to interpret this concept within “real” bathroom makeovers. I think that this particular version, created by The Brighton Bathroom Company, really captures the essence of this theme. It achieves this not just with plenty of plants, but through the lush green tiles and the dark wooden furniture, which brings it all together. I especially like the soft contours of our Docklands Round Mirror. A statement mirror like this is always a fast, effective way to transform any room.  

Forest bathing style designOur Docklands collection is a versatile range, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Here the 80cm round black model (priced at £230) perfectly complements the deep shades of the bathroom furniture and fixtures

Double act

Many of us long for our own, separate bathroom. Alas, space constraints mean it’s seldom a realistic possibility. Double basins, however, are a good compromise. They always look stylish and are super practical – no more hanging around in the morning while your partner hogs the basin! They really do save time, and help to foster a harmonious relationship with fewer arguments over who gets ready first. Another of my favourite bathroom makeovers, by Simply Bathrooms, demonstrates perfectly that even small spaces can be adapted to offer two of everything – including our Tate Light Rectangular Mirrors!  

His n her mirrors in bathroom makeoverTall, thin mirrors are an obvious way to make the most of a narrow wall space. Our Tate Light Rectangular Mirror offers clean, crisp, contemporary lines – and includes 6000K of practical, cool white lighting. This model measures 50cm x 100cm and is priced at £480

A burst of yellow

Yellow isn’t often associated with many bathroom makeovers. But after discovering this gorgeous interior, by designer Daniella from The Tap End, I really do question why. Colour in the bathroom is such a personal choice, of course. But this yellow really does add a burst of vibrant sunshine to this striking scheme. I love the contrasting shapes and patterns. And the look is finished off perfectly with our Docklands Round Mirror in white.

Yellow bathroom makeoversAll white: White accessories are the perfect finishing touch for bright, modern bathrooms. Here our 80cm Docklands Round Mirror (priced at £230) is an excellent match for both the metro wall tiles and the eye-catching white accents of the floor

Enchanted bathroom

Some bathroom makeovers, like this one from The Bromley Bathroom Company, are all about indulgence and escape. Elements of grandeur, and the luxury they represent, really can create a bathing haven. After all, in our busy, time-poor lives, the ability to retreat and relax is a luxury in itself.

Enchanted bathroom makeoverOur 80cm Docklands Round Mirror, pictured here in Brushed Brass (£265), is an easy way to add a touch of affordable grandeur to any bathroom

Red alert

Rather like yellow, red is another colour that isn’t often associated with bathroom makeovers. But statement colours – complemented by statement pieces – can be a game-changer when creating a distinctive bathroom sanctuary. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold shades and shapes, and choose a statement piece that brings everything together as a focal point.

Kora mirrors in bathroom makeoverWith its flamboyant curves, curls and swirls, our Kora mirror is the perfect foil for this dramatic room scheme created by Bathroom Eleven. It measures 60cm x 80cm and costs £145

Compact design

With careful planning, compact bathrooms can still be beautiful. Even the smallest room in the house can make a serious style statement. If your bathroom space is small, make sure your makeover features a natural canvas, like this tiny shower room, by Interiora. Add definition to plain tiles with black elements. Think defined but uncomplicated.      

Compact bathroom makeoverSo many bathroom makeovers harness the magic of monochrome, a timeless colour combination that works equally well in big or small spaces. This shower room is compact in size, but big on style. It features our small Docklands Rectangular 40cm x 70cm Black mirror, £175, and our S5 Fahrenheit Basket shower shelves, £170


Fishing for compliments

If you’re after something unique, think quirky. This makeover by Aquajade Bathrooms showcases how to do things differently, by deploying classic with a twist. Adding the quirkiness via wallpaper is a simple and effective strategy. It’s cost-effective, too. If you fancy ringing the changes in a year or two, wallpaper is relatively inexpensive to replace, and involves minimal disruption to the rest of the room.

Fish wallpaper in bathroom makeoverClassic bathroom accessories, like our 75cm Black City Round Mirror, £235, are the ideal way to balance quirky design elements such as patterned wallpaper

Colour clash

Colour clashing is a growing trend in the world of interiors, and we love it. However, you need to be careful, as it can easily go wrong. If this is something you’re keen to incorporate into a bathroom makeover, my advice would be to call in the professionals – or at the very least create a range of mood boards to get a better idea of how things will work.    

Colour clash in the bathroomFeast your eyes on this masterclass in colour clashing, courtesy of Simply Bathrooms. Our 50cm x 75cm brushed brass Docklands Hexagonal Mirror, £215, takes pride of place against a vibrant pink/purple patterned House of Hackney wallpaper, and reflects an abstract black-and-white tiled wall

If you’re an existing client, do send through your favourite bathroom makeovers, which feature Origins Living key pieces, for potential inclusion on our website and social media feeds. In the meantime, keep in touch via our Instagram feed here and DM me.