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Creating Personal Sanctuaries

Inspiring Bathroom Designs

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Creating Personal Sanctuaries

The Art of Bathing

Your bathroom is your space… quite possibly the only room in the house where you can be totally private and uninterrupted… and in today’s busy world, having a sanctuary which gives you even a few minutes of real ‘me time’ is a precious thing.
Creating a special place is a lovely thing to do. There are no rights or wrongs, it simply has to work for you. Why not try some of these simple ideas for turning a bathroom into your own private retreat.

Choose a mirror you love!

Mirrors are so much more than just a place to check your ‘look’. They’re a great design feature; and they reflect light and space, making your bathroom feel bigger and brighter. View our range of stylish mirrors here.

Lighting can really set the scene

By using a combination of task lighting and ambient feature lights, you can create so many lovely moods. Browse our elegant lighting collection here.

Use the fluffiest, softest, most sumptuous towels

…and robes for that feeling of everyday luxury. Add a matching bath mat, to keep your feet toasty warm and your floor dry!

Organise your toiletries

In beautiful storage holders: think baskets, hampers, even stylish boxes. Hiding all your ‘potions and lotions’ in lidded storage helps turn your bathroom into a gorgeous, clutter-free haven.

Free up your floor

with wall-hung storage and shelving; not only will you get more ‘leg room’, you’ll also make your bathroom feel bigger. There are options for even the smallest space; try matching your wall colour for an effortlessly chic look.

Hang art on your walls

rest it on shelves, pop it in the window. Glass and porcelain are the obvious choice, but you can also use drawings, paintings and prints, especially in areas which don’t get too much water-splash.

Harmonise your ‘hardware’

because harmony is far more soothing than discordant mismatches. Today’s accessory sets offer you so many styles and finishes, with everything from towel rails to soap dispensers. Browse our range of bathroom accessories here.

Add relaxing scents to your bathroom

to give a soft background aroma. Reed diffusers and scented candles are perfect for creating a tranquil and soothing environment.

Bring the outside in

Just being around plants is proven to increase personal well-being, and they purify the air too. Plants also add shape and interest, and soften what can be a rather ‘hard-edges’ room.

And finally, if you have space, add a comfortable chair to relax on

Some people even sit and chat whilst their partners are in the bath; and why not, if that’s what works for them?