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Brushed Nickel? Count Us In!

Brushed Nickel is a timeless finish and has always been synonymous with luxurious high-end bathrooms. It’s a trending finish for 2023 as it’s for those that like both chrome and brushed brass but prefer sophistication. If it’s style you are after then brushed nickel bathroom accessories will make you the envy of everyone using your bathroom.

With its soft sheen, as opposed to a shiny feel, let us tell you why brushed nickel bathroom accessories are the cat’s pyjamas.


Its Shiny, But Not Too Shiny

While most metals have a silver or grey shade, brushed nickel emanates a slightly golden hue that glows with subtlety, gently reflecting back light sources in the room to create a spa-style atmosphere. This makes it the perfect choice for those with warm-toned bathrooms with colour palettes of beige, cream, chocolate, yellow, or even deep sapphire blue.

Because brushed nickel isn’t overtly shiny, it also resists fingerprints – a godsend in busy family bathrooms or sharing households.


The Perfect Match For Vintage Decor

Sometimes chrome or polished brass can be obtrusive in a vintage space, grabbing the attention with its bright shimmer and detracting from the retro look. Opting for brushed nickel taps and other bathroom fixtures ensures that all eyes are on your retro designs, not on the out-of-sync metallic elements.

Try pairing floral curtains and wicker and bamboo elements alongside brushed nickel bathroom accessories for a relaxed biophilic design that uses retro-friendly materials to add interest to your space.


Complement Natural Stone With Brushed Nickel Accessories

If you opt for natural stones such as marble, granite or slate in your bathroom, you’ll want to ensure all eyes are on their au-natural beauty. A brushed nickel shower screen, taps, and toilet roll holder is a great choice alongside these stones, adding warmth and an earthy element that turns your bathroom into a haven of tranquillity.


Brushed Nickel: The New Trend In Bathroom Decor

Brushed nickel is a versatile bathroom material, offering durability and style to everything it touches. It pairs perfectly with natural stone, floral, and even modern designs if that suits your taste.

If you do choose brushed nickel accessories for bathroom duty, let us know how it went. Send us a message (plus your snaps), and we’d love to see how you style your space.