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“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” Pablo Picasso

It seems colourful bathrooms are making a comeback. This is because the bathroom is now much more just a place to simply wash and go. So, it stands to reason that we are investing more thought into the aesthetics of this space. And this is where colour plays such an important role.

Samantha Louise Design features a Docklands Hexagonal Mirror with black frame in this colourful bathroom

Interesting shapes can work really well within colourful bathrooms, as showcased here by @samanthalouisedesign_ on Instagram, who chose our Black Docklands Hexagonal Mirror, (50cm by 75cm, £165), to accessorise this bold, bright palette


Choosing the right colour palette

But the right colour palette doesn’t just look pretty – it can actually help us feel good too. There is plenty of evidence to substantiate the link between colour and wellbeing. The specialist field of Colour Psychology studies how colours influence human behaviour. So, this way, we can consider how they affect our moods, feelings and even physical health. Colour impacts the mood of a room more than any other factor. So where better to experiment with colour than in the bathroom?

Pier 1 Bathrooms Docklands rectangular mirrors in colourful bathroom

Doing the double: Luxury designers Pier1bathrooms used two of our Docklands Rectangular Mirrors (50cm by 80cm, £190 each) to add edge and interest to this soft, pastel colour scheme

Many people struggle to choose the “right” shades when planning colourful bathrooms. My advice is to tell clients to pick the colours that they like, which resonate with them. And always use as much or as little as they like – never be a slave to trends! Colour is such a personal choice, influenced by our childhood, surroundings, culture and heritage. Oscar Wilde summed it up perfectly: “Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

The other key factor to consider for colourful bathrooms is the kind of atmosphere the client wishes to create. As I explained in this interview recently with InsightDIY, different colours create different moods. So do ask what type of ambience is preferred, for example, relaxing, soothing, rejuvenating or energising.

How to add colour successfully

I am often asked how best to add colour to a bathroom. In fact, there is no one definitive answer. A lot depends on whether the client wants to use colour throughout the entire room. Or perhaps they may simply want to add a ‘pop’ here and there. Block colour schemes (which often feature within industrial chic bathrooms) are timeless and transcend trends.

Spaceshackldn - S5 shower shelves in a colourful bathroom

This gorgeous wet room, designed by Space Shack interior design, features mustard yellow and monochrome colour vibes. Our S5 Fahrenheit shower shelves in black stainless steel (21.5cm by 40cm by 11cm, £148 each), look super stylish fixed to the wall against a backdrop of Fired Earth tiles

Before beginning a colourful bathroom project, I always suggest creating a mood board. Collate any favourite images from Pinterest and Instagram. Think about favourite colours – then think realistically about the space in question. Remember that what works in a hallway or living room may not translate successfully into what is often the smallest room in the house.

Visp Bathrooms Docklands Hexagonal Mirror Brushed brass in colourful bathroom

Visp Bathrooms have completed the look in this luxury, colourful bathroom with our stunning Docklands Hexagonal mirror in brushed brass (50cm by 75cm, £215)


Easy and affordable ways to add colour to a bathroom include paint, wallpaper, luxury mirrors, stylish accessories and efficient storage. Don’t forget the finishing touches either, such as fluffy towels. You may decide to choose more permanent bold colour options, such as tiles, furniture or sanitaryware. However, the client needs to be confident they will still like these shades in five to ten years’ time. It’s relatively easy to repaint a wall, change the wallpaper, update the mirrors and revamp the accessories. But it’s costly and time-consuming to rip out fixtures and fittings.

Colourful bathrooms & metallics

I think that certain metallics work really well within contemporary colourful bathrooms. Then again, metallic finishes within luxury interiors are nothing new. Would it surprise you to learn that ancient civilisations across the world, from the Egyptians to the Aztecs, have always adorned their homes with precious metals, to evoke opulence and wealth?

Tate rectangular mirror in colour bathroom with gold accents

The clean, crisp lines of our Tate Light Rectangular Mirror (60cm by 80cm, £435) are the perfect foil for this striking contemporary bathroom colour scheme

But modern metallics are not about glitzy gold or cold chromes. Add warmth with brushed brass, brushed nickel, and beautiful bronze. I also think that black and white taps and accessories deliver the perfect modern twist to a contemporary upscale bathroom.

Be honest about what you like

Dawn Scott

Interior designer Dawn Scott, aka the Colour Guru says: “Always choose colours you love, that sing to your soul”

Dawn Scott, also known as the “Colour Guru”, is a passionate advocate for the use of colour and nature to improve wellbeing. She’s an interior designer with more than 20 years’ professional industry experience. However, Dawn is currently working as a Commercial Colour Consultant for AkzoNobel. Here, she designs the interiors and colour schemes for large commercial buildings in the UK hospitality, leisure, healthcare and education sectors for their Dulux paint brand.

Dawn too recommends that clients are honest, and choose the shades they genuinely love, when creating colourful bathrooms. “My advice would be to go with your emotions, and choose a colour from the heart,” she explains. “Think about how you want the space to look and feel, and what you want to experience in that space. Choose colours that sing to your soul.”

Colour guide for colourful bathrooms

Dawn advices clients to only choose the shades they genuinely love for the ultimate colour bathrooms scheme

This advice is especially important if the idea is to create a colourful bathroom retreat. “The word ‘retreat’ means different things to different people,” Dawn observes. “So if your [client’s] idea of a sanctuary is being away from a busy, perhaps stressful, city environment then choosing soft, calm and earthy colours that give a nod toward nature could create the perfect haven. On the other hand, a bubbly individual who must keep a low profile in a subdued, perhaps dull environment for most of the day [might prefer] a bathroom with uplifting spring colours that help to recharge their batteries and prepare them for the day ahead.”

Colourful bathroom choices

Dawn is keen to point out that there are no right or wrong bathroom colours per se. “Personally, I don’t think there are any colours you should steer clear of in your own home,” she declares. “If you absolutely love a colour, regardless of whether it’s on-trend or in keeping with the property – and it connects with you on an emotional level – then you should unquestionably use it in your bathroom.”

Chanelle pink luxury accessories for colourful bathrooms

Our Chanelle collection of accessories, designed by Babled & Co for Gedy, featuring soap dishes, soap dispensers and toilet brushes, are a fast, simple and cost-effective way to introduce some contemporary colour to your luxury bathroom project

She adds: “We go through cycles in life where we are drawn to different colours. Sometimes it’s just the tones and shades that vary; at other times, it’s a complete colour change. This could be the result of life events or more often, just simply growing up and our personal evolution. If you’re worried about future-proofing your [bathroom] space, choose a neutral or white suite and add colour with wall paint and accessories that can easily be replaced.”

Chanelle collection colours

You’ll easily find a colour option to suit your bathroom scheme for an instant splash of colour from our Chanelle collection, designed by Babled & Co for Gedy

Embrace the dark side

That said, certain shades are perfect for evoking a luxury ambience in a colourful bathroom. “Strong and deep colours have always been synonymous with opulence and magnificence,” Dawn explains. “This stems from a time when stronger pigments for dyes and paints could only be afforded by the very wealthy, which meant the nobility or religious organisations.

“This psychological association still continues today, and some of the most prevalent luxury brands in the world utilise this to reinforce the association of wealth. If you think of the colours associated with brands such as Rolex, Ralph Lauren, Dior & Harrods, you can clearly see that they reinforce the affluence and grandeur of the brand. It therefore makes perfect sense to choose deep, rich colours in your bathroom to create a lavish ambience of extravagance and indulgence.”

Dawn concludes: “Wall colours like Dark Aubergine, DH Oxford Blue and Ravens Flight from the Dulux Heritage range would be perfect for a luxury bathroom. Pair these with accessories and fittings in gold, black and bronze to create a decadent and sumptuous space.”

If you’d like more advice about how to create colourful bathrooms for your clients, call 020 8599 8080 or email: