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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

At Origins Living we strive to take all reasonable steps to trade ethically and sustainably. As a family business, we genuinely care and this has been at the core since the inception of the company in 1995.

We understand that every action we take has an impact on people and the planet and we remain committed to continual improvement in all aspects of our business.

We consider our role within corporate social responsibility to fall within two classifications; compliance and proactiveness. Compliance refers to our commitment to adhere to the legalities and commitment to upholding social & ethical values. Proactiveness relates to our own initiatives to help our communities and protect our natural environment.



Our People

People are at the heart of what we do; this includes our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. We treat everyone fairly and with respect.

Human Rights – Our company is dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by fair labour practices. We ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights.

Diversity & Inclusion – Being an equal opportunity employer, we operate a zero-tolerance policy on any kind of discrimination including, racism, gender, disability and religion.

Fair Pay – Pay is also one of the key factors affecting morale at work, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace, so it is important to reward all employees fairly, whether it be closing the gender pay gaps or paying above the statutory minimum wage. Additionally we as a business will always look internally when promoting our staff allowing them to prosper within an entrepreneurial environment.

Supporting our employees – The Health and safety of our employees is paramount. We ensure we stay close to all our staff and continuously support them, mentor them and support their needs from a learning and professional development.

Mental Wellbeing – As an employer, one of the core values we promote internally and to the wider community is Wellbeing. This is ingrained within our DNA – a happy workforce is a happy workplace. We prioritise our staff mental wellbeing. We offer a safe place for open and honest communication to help and support our staff to address concerns which may also include personal issues outside the workplace.

Business ethics

Our business practices respect and uphold the law and maintain International best practices throughout. We do not just comply with our local and international laws but also ensure we honour and uphold our own internal policies and procedures to demonstrate integrity within our business operations, both for our staff internally and with our wider partner community, ensuring we are seen to conduct business ethically and have complete and open transparency.

Our Partners

Responsibly sourcing – The manufacturers and suppliers we partner with are carefully selected. Before we partner with new suppliers, we ensure they comply with all local employment laws, including child labour, modern slavery and human trafficking.

Continuous improvement – We continually review the partners we work with. We maintain an open and honest communication with them and offer feedback and support to ensure we continuously improve the way we operate alongside them.


Our company acknowledges the need to deliver its fair share to protect the environment. Maintaining a clean and unpolluted environment is a benefit to us all. We are conscious of the environmental impact of our business and are committed to reducing it.

Product development – It starts with the initial concept of the product design process, choosing sustainable materials, production processes through to packaging. We work collaboratively with our partners to come up with sustainable solutions.

Product packaging – We are committed to making better choices so when our products are delivered, it is easier to dispose of the packaging responsibly. Our cardboard boxes are made from a mix of either biodegradable cardboard or at least 75% recycled materials. Some of our products due to their fragility need protective packaging so along with our suppliers, we look for innovative ways of reducing the amount we use.

Printed marketing material – Our brochures are made of FSC certified paper from responsible sources and are also recyclable. We have reduced the number of copies we print and actively encourage our customers to use our digital versions on the website.

Printing & paper use – We have significantly reduced our paper consumption in the office by reducing printing in sales processing and going paperless in accounting and finance.

Recycling/Waste Management – We train our employees to reduce, reuse and recycle. Where possible we reuse all outer packing as filler in our cartons. We pack products in the smallest carton possible to reduce void space.

Logistics Partners – All the international freight forwarders and our local couriers we use are taking steps to improve their carbon footprint.

Energy Usage – Our energy provider uses 100% renewable green electricity. Our heating is temperature-controlled and, on a timer, so as not to waste energy when not needed. We have fully upgraded to LED lighting and fitted our warehouse with proximity sensors that switch on/off as you enter and leave the area.


Proactiveness – Going above and beyond

Going beyond legal compliance can bring business benefits. Many businesses have realised that acting in a socially and environmentally responsible way is more than just a legal duty. It’s the feel-good factor to. Apart from legal obligations, when operating our business functions we actively promote and practice ways to be more environmentally friendly to reduce the impact our business has on the planet.


Unwanted product returns – Returned products that are still working and have minor surface imperfections are given to local charity shops for them to sell.

Product packaging – Broken pallets and chipboard from packaging are donated to local upcycling projects.

Travel – we have taken steps to limit travel to customers and agents by employing the use of electronic conference calling. We can meet more of our client base without unnecessarily increasing our carbon footprint and be just as affective.

Charitable Giving

As a family business we believe that society as a whole should benefit from our success. And it’s good to give. We donate to small charities that do not have a national voice and otherwise would not be heard. We choose different ones each year to ensure we spread the love.

We offer free storage within our warehouse to local charities who would otherwise have to pay fees to store their equipment.

Volunteering – our company encourages its staff to volunteer by offering their support and experience to others.