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Mirrors are more than just a place to check your look in the bathroom — they’re statement pieces. The neutral yet bold hue of a black-framed mirror can complement any colour scheme or inspire a whole new aesthetic.

Here are just a few ways to style your bathroom with a black-framed mirror:


1. With a Complementary Colour or With Lights

Consider the colours of the wall or room when placing your mirror — particularly, think about contrast, light, and illusions.

For example, pairing a round black-framed mirror with matching vanity lights in a lightly-coloured bathroom can create the illusion of inward-pointed lighting, focusing on your reflection like a painting. Or a rectangular, black-framed mirror against a charcoal wall can resemble the modern stone art of expressionism.


2. Above the Basin

In small bathrooms, creating the illusion of more space is paramount, and mirrors can help. By installing multiple black-framed mirrors, not only will you add style and contrast, but you can also make your space appear larger.

In larger bathrooms with a double basin, a black-framed mirror hung above each is also perfect for accentuating an existing symmetrical look.


3. Above the Bath

For a lavish look, hanging a black-framed bathroom mirror above a bath can recreate even the most basic bathroom. A black-framed mirror resting above a bath opens up your room, and enhances the room’s aura by reflecting light particles on the bath water.

To complement the bold style of your black-framed mirror, add small black accessories, such as a black soap dish or a black open shower shelf.


4. Hanging Above the Toilet

Downstairs bathrooms are convenient but often small, leaving you wondering how to style them. Instead of a small painting, a black-framed mirror centred above the toilet, perhaps one with a shelf, can open up the size of the room and create a place for small décor items, such as aromatherapy reeds.


5. As a Statement Piece

You don’t have to choose a classically-shaped black-framed bathroom mirror. Instead, make a statement by installing a hexagonal or octagonal-shaped black-framed mirror.

With black-framed bathroom mirrors, you can achieve endless different looks, from creating an artistic statement to crafting a new aesthetic.


Where to Purchase a Black Framed Mirror

Ready to style your own black-framed mirror? We’ve got your back — visit us at Origins Living! We’ve got all sorts of mirrors and accessories so that you can be well on your way to styling your ideal bathroom.