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Hotel bathrooms are like a capsule of luxury. They’re typically compact, with a limited number of surfaces. They must be inspiring and inviting while remaining clean and functional. Hotel bathrooms need to pop with colour and texture while creating the illusion that there is more space than actually exists. So how do you create that hotel bathroom look? Read on for our tips and tricks on how to get that look in your own home.

Hotel bathroom design

The first step to creating the hotel bathroom look in your own home is to decide what style you want to go for. Do you want your bathroom to resemble a spa? A tropical Oasis? Or do you want a minimalist and modern look? There are many different styles and themes to consider when designing your bathroom. When it comes to picking out colours, think about what you want your bathroom to be like. Do you want a vibrant and lively space? Or do you prefer a more peaceful and relaxing look? You can also use colours to reflect your personality and style. Again, you can choose a style and pattern of flooring that will reflect the theme and design of your bathroom.

Hotel bathroom accessories

Many of the accessories that give a hotel bathroom its fancy look can be found at all our retailers. So when you’re updating your bathroom, consider treading the boards of those local showrooms and ask for Origins Living products. Whether it’s chrome, black or brushed metal, make sure you find a set of matching bathroom accessories to bring that hotel-quality style to your own bathroom.

Mirrors are a big feature of any hotel bathroom with a lot of them preferring the full wall mirror. This helps to create a sense of space in the room. Our bathroom mirrors have been used in hotels up and down the country so you’ve probably seen yourself in one of them. Whilst mirrors are used to show off style they also need to be fit for purpose so picking the right mirror for your needs is important. Our range of mirrors are all built to withstand the rigours of the modern family bathroom.

Spa-style bathrooms

If you want to create a spa-style bathroom, you don’t have to rely solely on fixtures and fittings. All you need to do is add some pops of colour, pattern and texture. Wallpaper is one of the best ways to add some colour and pattern to your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a plain single colour either. You can find wallpaper in all different styles and patterns. Wallpaper can be used to create a dynamic feature wall that your friends will keep talking about. Adding a stylish mirror in the centre of a wallpapered area will complete the look and give you a bathroom you can be proud of.

When considering the surfaces use materials that have a high sheen and a sparkling effect. Granite, marble, and other stones can be made to shine and reflect light. You can also use tiles in different patterns and colours to create a spa-like look.


Hotel bathrooms are designed to be luxurious and enticing. They’re also designed to be functional and easy to clean. So how do you create that hotel bathroom look in your own home? There are many different designs and styles to consider when designing your bathroom. You can use colours to reflect your personality and style. You can also choose different patterns and styles for your flooring, wall tiles, lighting, and accessories.

Where to Purchase

For that hotel bathroom style, and all the little things needed to complete a spa-style scheme in the UK, check out Origins Living. As the UK’s leading supplier of high-design and versatile bathroom accessories, we have everything you need for your bathroom’s updated look. So come check out our collection and find a local stockist nearest you.