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Hotels are not just a temporary place to stay or just a place to rest one’s head after a long day.

Rather, hotels are experiences in themselves. Guests look forward to staying in a hotel. They expect it not only to be clean and comfortable but also elegant and luxurious.

One of the areas that guests are very particular with is the hotel bathroom. Because of this, the designer’s top priority should be to create a bathroom that delights all the senses while serving its function and providing thoughtful amenities to guests.

Here are the secrets to creating the best hotel bathroom design:

1. Bathroom construction

Guest bathrooms’ functional layout and space efficiency have become increasingly important in hotel design. Given the need to add amenities without increasing square footage, designers now favour compact models with multiple functions in a single unit.

Guestroom bathrooms are compact and multifunctional, incorporating everything from lighting, plumbing, and ventilation to water, heating, and cooling systems. For example, the sink and vanity top sit on a base unit or pedestal in the famous hotel bathroom vanity. This way, the bathroom suite can be used as a dressing table.

2. Bathroom fixtures and accessories

Modern bathroom fixtures and accessories incorporate advanced materials that perform well and are easy to maintain. Designers are increasingly considering the finish materials on their hotel bathroom fixtures and accessories.

For example, a bathroom with features like chrome and glass may be more flashy than one with an earthy stone finish. There are also other options: nickel, bronze, and brushed brass.

Ensure there are enough shelves by the sinks and vanities and hooks placed near the shower/bath so you can quickly grab a towel. A stylish grab bar is a necessity to support those less able.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors and lighting are an essential part of any bathroom, and hotels are no exception. In fact, they are often held to a higher standard than the average person’s home. For traveling professionals, this is even more paramount, as they must stay well-groomed even while on the go—a challenge in and of itself.

As such, it is important to go the extra mile with demister pads. Demister pads can not only keep your mirrors from fogging up, it can prevent the buildup of harmful moisture in the bathroom.

4. Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any room, but even more so in a bathroom. A bathroom is a place of grooming and cleaning oneself, so it is important to have sufficient lighting that allows guests to make themselves presentable with ease without being excessively bright.

The lighting fixtures have to be positioned in the right places and pointing towards the right locations so that guests don’t look unflattering in the mirror. It also helps to have multiple lighting options. For example, white light is great for putting one’s makeup on, but warmer colors are excellent for relaxation in a bathtub.

5. Bathroom flooring

Bathroom flooring is an important feature that creates a sense of visual balance in the space and can also help differentiate one room from another.

One of the flooring materials that epitomise the hotel experience is ceramic tile, which is a classic look that’s still very much in demand.


The key to a grand hotel bathroom design is to create an attractive, comfortable, efficient, inviting and exciting space. It should be a place where guests can relax, shower and unwind using the best fixtures and thoughtful amenities. When designing the bathroom, always think of your guests and you’ll be able to have a bathroom that delivers.

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