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Black Goes With Everything

If you’re looking for that pop of colour to add to your bathroom for just a touch of drama while still holding an air of elegance, adding black bathroom accessories is just the right contemporary edge to make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa each time you enter.

Regardless of the hues of your favourite bathroom towels or even the colour of your gleaming tile floor, black literally goes with everything. Not only will you not have to worry about if your tiles, wallpaper, or paint will match your bathroom accessories, but the contrast of black against virtually any colour will add depth and allure to any room.

With so many accessories to choose from, we have compiled some suggestions for black bathroom accessories to make your bathroom your next favourite room of your home.


Add a Black Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirrors are an essential accessory in a bathroom. A tool that allows you not only to see but perfect your appearance, whether through your morning or nightly skincare routine, applying cosmetics, or shaving, your bathroom mirror doesn’t just have to be a functioning fixture but an element of style.

Bathroom mirrors come in various sizes, installations, shapes, and even magnifying options for a more detailed look at one’s complexion, but why opt for just any standard bathroom mirror? Whether your preferred choice of a mirror is a round, oval, or even rectangle in shape, a black framed mirror adds a focal point to the room while adding depth and sophistication to your bathroom.


Add Black Soap Accessories

To accentuate the elegance a black bathroom mirror adds to the bathroom, try including some black soap accessories. For example, a black soap dispenser resting on your bathroom sink or a black soap dish neatly set in your shower can add a dash more style to your cleansing routine. Likewise, a black soap dispenser filled with your favourite hand wash, or even facial cleanser, can provide a bit of refinement to your washing routine.


Black Bathroom Shelves

Storage is as important as style in any bathroom. However, space to neatly stack towels or organize bottles of beauty products can go beyond a standard towel rack. A black, wall-mounted rafter shelf adds a sleek and clean design to any bathroom. It allows towels to dry neatly and has concealed fixings to avoid disrupting your bathroom’s sophisticated aesthetic.

A black towel rail can also provide off-the-sink storage for soap dispensers or even a place to rest a reed diffuser with your favourite scent. Installing off-set from a black bathroom mirror, a black towel rail can help to complete a black bathroom scheme and gracefully hold hand and facial towels.


Sometimes, It’s the Little Things.

As you look to finish your black bathroom scheme, there are several more black bathroom accessories that can serve in function and style. For example, a black toilet roll holder, or a wall-mounted electric toothbrush holder with concealed fixings, can bring the new, luxurious aesthetic together.


Where to Purchase

For black bathroom mirrors, black shelving, and all the little things to complete a black bathroom scheme in the UK, check out Origins Living. As the UK’s leading supplier of high-design and versatile bathroom accessories, we have everything you need for your bathroom’s updated look. So come check out our collection and find a local stockist nearest you.