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Japandi is best described as a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Think natural materials, a muted colour palette and minimalism, all rolled into one. In fact, at Origins Living, Japandi is one of our favourite styles. After all, this notion will evoke a sense of calm and serenity in every bathing haven. So, it made perfect sense to create a luxury Japandi-style bathroom in our virtual showroom. This is where we could feature essential design elements, in particular our own statement pieces. Our co-director Sofia is going to talk you through the thought process when it came to this innovative design:

Choosing Japandi

Luxury bathroom design is all about creating individual bathing spaces, which reflect calm, soothing vibes. And, as luxury bathroom mirrors, storage and accessories specialists, we felt Japandi was a perfect fit for our virtual showroom. We wanted to focus on wellbeing, which is at the forefront of many people’s minds. So, we carefully curated a bespoke room-set, which reflected that much-needed ‘me time’ element.

Small can be beautiful

Luxury bathrooms don’t have to be large, expansive spaces. So, we wanted to demonstrate how to work within the confines of a compact room and still create maximum impact. For me, a floating vanity unit and simple shower screen help to create a seamless flow throughout this luxury room.

Also, colours, textures and shapes played an important role in this considered Japandi design. This way, we could incorporate the Japandi style in its entirety. Here, you can experience a soothing natural green, black and white colour palette. In fact, we felt the monochrome look would be timeless. Black also instantly adds definition. And, as a result, this juxtaposition of light and dark embodies cleanliness and simplicity.

Luxury Origins Living pieces

Origins Living virtual showroom - the Japandi bathroom display

Our luxury Tate Light rectangular mirror, 50cm by 100cm, creates a striking focal point in this designer bathroom schemeĀ 

We handpicked our Tate Light rectangular mirror, for our Japandi bathroom, to take centre stage above a concrete basin. This distinctive room features clean, uncluttered lines coupled with striking daylight illumination within the glass. And this particular model measures 50cm by 100cm, so it’s a perfect size that works beautifully with other features in this room.

S shower shelves in shower area

Our S5 Fahrenheit shower shelves create a practical, yet super stylish, storage solution to display designer hair care and body products

We chose our S5 Fahrenheit corner shower shelves for the shower and our premium Pier black glass shelves in the alcoves, thanks to their simple, clean lines. The S5 shelving, for example, is ideal for storing lotions and potions close to hand when showering.

Pier shelving in bespoke virtual bathroom design

Our Pier black glass shelves, measuring 60cmL, feature 8mm toughened glass in a black tint for a minimalist finish in this bespoke bathroom

Storage solutions

We ensured storage would be key from the start of our Japandi design process. After all, open and closed storage should be a vital component in every interiors project. We combined closed cupboards to hide everyday items from view. This way, the end user would benefit from a clutter-free zone. Our open storage has been added to enable you to arrange your own favourite objects to express your individual style. These may range from colognes to sculptures; the key is to add whatever brings meaningful joy to a small, yet very special, bathing retreat.

Japandi accessories

The absolute ethos of Japandi is that everything should have its place and accessories are essential for creating a tidy bathroom. By this, I mean from the liquid in the soap dispenser to the towels on the dedicated holder. So, we added a superior selection, which we felt would complete the Japandi look. We also chose natural elements, such as woven baskets filled with white fluffy towels. This way, we have brought an element of nature into the bathroom and this instantly softens the look.

Are you planning to embark on a bespoke bathroom project? We’re here to help whether you’re looking for luxury mirrors, designer storage solutions or must-have accessories. Get in touch here now.