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There’s no doubt that every bathroom deserves a little luxury. And this has become a key trend in residential and commercial design. However, luxury bathrooms have taken on a whole new element. These days, they are embracing this notion with the concept of industrial design. Taking inspiration from warehouses and factories, this may seem a world away from the opulence and grandeur you would expect from a luxury bathroom. However, the two are blending together so well, they’re offering a multitude of possibilities for bathroom and interior designers. Read on to discover how you can achieve this look in the modern bathroom:

Industrial design

This style, of course, is not new. As its name suggests, this emerged when former industrial buildings were converted to domestic housing, and owners chose to highlight – not hide – certain original features. Typically, these included exposed pipes and brickwork, repurposed furniture and weathered surfaces. However, more recently this style has joined the luxury market as the concept of transitional design has developed. These days, matchy-matchy is out and mixing a combination of design styles has reached prevalence. And mirrors are the perfect way to embrace this new trend. In fact, the style and position of a framed bathroom mirror can set a luxury design apart from any other. Don’t forget to consider your lighting too, which will add to the look. Both aspects, can make such a difference to an entire bathroom scheme.

luxury bathrooms City round mirrors

Our City round mirrors in white, 60cm diameter, £190 each, set the scene perfectly in this gorgeous luxury green bathroom. The sumptuous curve appeal with slimline framing instantly creates an industrial touch which reflects urban-style living

Luxury bathroom mirrors

A luxury bathroom mirror is so much more than just a looking glass for you to check your appearance. And, in luxury bathrooms, they should never be an afterthought: in fact, a mirror makeover can totally transform any room. When you take a step back to consider how it can transform a space, this wonderful bathroom necessity has many functions.

The benefits for luxury bathrooms

Aside from being practical, framed bathroom mirrors make a versatile design feature in luxury bathrooms. They will also reflect light, which instantly creates the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. They even work well when hung like a piece of art on a feature wall and they will often provide the focal point in a luxury bathroom scheme. In short, introducing a new mirror can completely transform the look and feel of any bathroom. The size, shape, colour and positioning you choose really can pull the whole room together. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with the luxury bathroom mirror you choose, until the desired effect is achieved. Best of all, new mirrors are a comparatively easy and cost-effective option where bathroom renovations are concerned. So they are an obvious avenue to explore, when creating luxury bathrooms even if you’d prefer not to work with a corresponding ‘luxury’ budget.

luxury bathrooms City round mirror black
Decadence is key in this beautiful black luxury bathroom and our matching round black frame mirror, 75cms diameter, £235, from the City collection adds an industrial-style touch to the design

Framed bathroom mirrors for luxury bathrooms

I’m a firm believer that this mirror type and luxury bathrooms were made for each other. Framed bathroom mirrors are ideal for making a prominent style statement. With such a huge range of colours and materials to choose from, adding a touch of industrial chic has never been easier. Docklands is one of our most popular framed bathroom mirror collections, which has been designed with luxury bathrooms in mind. Our range features an edgy, on-trend industrial look. This is thanks to a slimline, highly durable, stainless steel frame featuring a stunning matt black, matt white or brushed brass finish. These minimalist mirrors give off a luxury loft-living vibe. They come in ultra-modern hexagon, circular and rectangular shapes, so you’ll find you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Brushed brass

Black is often the first finish that comes to mind when sourcing an industrial look bathroom mirror. However, brass can work really well too. This finish can add a touch of softness to a scheme (especially when paired with a matching tap). I find brushed brass creates an even more luxurious finish. And don’t be afraid to go large with your luxury bathroom mirror. After all, the size you choose will be key to the level of impact you want to create. A small, single mirror is likely to look lost and insignificant on a large expanse of wall. However, if you pick a larger version, this will immediately draw the eye and bounce more light around the room. Our Docklands Rectangular mirror, for example, is available in four different sizes. It’s also suitable for either portrait or landscape installation, for maximum versatility in a luxury bathroom scheme.

Bathroom Eleven Docklands rectangular mirror in brushed brass

Showcased here by Bathroom Eleven, our Docklands rectangular brushed brass mirror, 80cm by 100cm, £340, works well in this luxury bathroom, adding a touch of effortless industrial chic

Black frame mirrors in the luxury bathroom

Monochrome is the go-to colour combination for luxury bathrooms with an industrial feel. Simply pair this with wooden elements for a natural touch, which will instantly add warmth to your luxury bathroom design. Practical and timeless, I think a black and white colour scheme can be adapted to suit both contemporary and traditional bathroom settings. However, for modern luxury with industrial vibes, a statement black frame mirror can really complete the look.

In recent years, the black-edged, industrial lines of Critall windows and doors have increasingly made their presence felt in luxury bathrooms. These tend to take the form of Critall-style shower screens. I find them sleek and striking and they can provide a satisfying sense of separation, while preserving light and inclusivity. So, a black frame mirror is an ideal complement, especially when paired with striking black tapware and accessories. The overall effect is bold and beautiful utilitarian chic – think eye-catching but never overpowering.

Rouse Bathrooms Docklands rectangular mirror

Rouse Bathrooms demonstrates how delicious darker elements in a modern bathroom can be: our Docklands rectangular black mirror, 80cm by 100cm, £295, is a key component in this luxury industrial bathroom décor

Round mirror design in the luxury bathroom

Round mirrors are ideal if you’re keen to add a sculptural, organic element to an industrial bathroom. In fact, curves in the bathroom will be super versatile in terms of both design and styling. If you have a space that feels too cold, angular or unwelcoming, an industrial look bathroom mirror which is round, is a fast, effective solution. It will instantly create a more modern look, which can add an industrial vibe to a new bathroom project. However, a circular shape can also make the bathroom environment feel more relaxed. This will therefore magically transform it into the retreat you’ve planned meticulously.

A round mirror also adds visual variety to all types of luxury bathrooms. Bathroom furniture is typically rectangular or square, so a rounded option draws the eye and breaks up the space. All you need is a bold black frame, which will add depth and detail.

As always, size matters, as this affects the impact you are trying to create. In a bathroom, most mirrors will form a focal point, although they can act as an accent or even blend into the background. The correct proportions are even more important where round mirrors are concerned. When sited above a larger vanity, choose a round mirror with a shorter diameter, so you can centre it easily. Conversely, a bigger mirror works best with a smaller basin. Our Docklands round black mirror is available in two sizes, which could cover every eventuality.

The Tap End Docklands round mirror in black

A great all-rounder: our Docklands round black mirror, 80cm diameter, £230, featured here by The Tap End Design, is the ideal way to introduce an element of softness with an industrial edge to this modern bathroom design

Curved edges for luxury bathrooms

If you feel your client’s not ready to embrace a round mirror, opt for the best of both worlds. Simply pick a frame, which features straight lines and curved corners. Choosing a surround which incorporates both will immediately add an extra dimension to your luxury bathroom design. Think urban minimalist-style bathing and choose an aluminium frame for extra versatility – it’s lightweight and looks uber-elegant, too.

luxury bathrooms City rectangular mirror

Seeing is believing: our City rectangular mirror, 50cm by 75cm, £330, was inspired by a love of Alfred Hitchcock and Whitechapel. It makes the perfect focal point in this luxury bathroom

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