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If you’re looking for fresh inspiration for your new year renovation project, I’ve got it covered for stylish bathrooms. In fact, I’ve been delving into the latest bathroom design ideas, which will truly stand the test of time. I’ve gained plenty of insight from my own experience as a bathroom mirrors, storage and accessories specialist.

I’ve also looked into 2022 predictions from Trend Bible, the leading global interiors forecaster. Their analysts claim the ‘soulful sanctuary’ will lead lifestyle in the home to create an environment in which to ‘detox from noise and distraction’. I love this notion as I firmly believe the bathroom should be a bathing haven. This is, after all, a key room to escape for rest and relaxation behind closed doors. You can instantly apply the notion of a soulful sanctuary to create a bathing retreat where wellbeing is key. So, my advice is to start in the bathroom. Then move on to other areas to create a seamless flow of wellness throughout the home.

So, I’m delighted to reveal my latest bathroom megatrends for you to peruse at your pleasure. I’ve carefully handpicked ones, which express your client’s individuality, for a personalised bathing retreat in which to relax and unwind:

Bathroom design ideas with colour therapy

Here, colour and wellbeing cleverly combine in the bathroom for a more characterful bathing haven. So, you can discover mood-boosting tones and embrace colour therapy as your ultimate guide. I think the home will always be influenced by colour and the hues you choose may in part be determined by your client. However, the key is to cleverly use colour to help transform the bathroom into a more relaxed space. As a result, this can help to enhance elements of wellbeing.

Bathroom design ideas with colour therapy

This stylish bathroom designed by award-winning Pier 1 Bathrooms features a strong colour combination of yellow and blue. The sunny hue on the walls brings a sense of energy to this room. After all, the colour yellow can make you feel happier. Meanwhile, blue can make you feel more peaceful and relaxed, which is ideal for any bathroom scheme. Our Docklands Round Mirror in black (60cm diameter, £165) provides a strong focal point. Photo: Kate Bingley

The beauty of forest bathing

Firstly, immerse your client in nature and entwine wellbeing with the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku. Based on Shinto and Buddhist practice, you can enable them to experience and enjoy mindful meditation and relaxation of the body and soul. This concept, which originated in Japan in the 1980s, embraces the notion of reconnecting with the great outdoors. As a result, this can help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Forest bathing can be one of the best modern medicines for modern living, which makes this a key megatrend. What better way is there to embrace this, than recreating the look and feel of a forest in a bathroom? Simply apply your dedicated bathroom design ideas, so your client can take time out to relax and recharge in their own personal wellness retreat.

Bathroom design ideas 2022 with forest bathing

The Brighton Bathroom Company showcases the epitome of forest bathing in this blissful bathroom haven. Here, colours and plants cleverly combine to help create the look with tones of soft brass and natural light. In addition, our Docklands round mirror in black, (80cm diameter, £230) completes the look

Shelf-care bathroom design ideas

Add va-va-voom to every cleverly designed shelving solution with colour co-ordinated accessories, from designer lotions and potions to objets d’art. In fact, this is one of my favourite bathroom design ideas as the key is to draw the eye for a striking, spa-style finish in the bathroom.

Bathroom design ideas with shelf-careClear glass shelving in this wet-room designed by Simply Bathrooms looks super-stylish. Display carefully coordinated lotions and potions and even use up space for a watch or jewellery while you shower. Our Pier Glass Shelf 60cm is made from toughened 8mm clear glass, £30, and provides the perfect perch

Love your curves

Treat the body and soul with curvaceous pieces for an organic flow, which will create an illustrious illusion of space, in every bathing haven. This design aesthetic can instantly soften the look, which is ideal for a relaxing bathroom. For example, it will instantly add timeless appeal to every lavish bathroom.

Mirror bathroom design ideas

Make a bold style statement with one mesmerising mirror or more to create a super-stylish mirror wall.In fact, location matters. This is one of 2022’s bathroom design ideas, which allows for more possibilities from above the bath to the toilet. For example, multi-tasking statement mirrors can instantly add to your scheme. Place a large mirror above a feature bath to help bounce light around the room, give the illusion of more space and make an impact.

4. Mirror mirror Newington Mirror Black 120x70 Lifestyle (3)Our brand new Newington mirror in black (120m x 700cm) £340, is clean, crisp and contemporary with a sleek aluminium profile. It instantly make a statement above the feature tub

It will be all white

It’s time for a refresh with white accessories. Therefore, brighten a bathroom with chic, contemporary shelving on a shower wall for the crispest finish.

Bringing the outside in

Master this art and rejuvenate this room by creating your own retreat, which visually connects inside and out. In addition, let natural light flood in and provide plenty of greenery for a more immersive environment. Think biophilic design principles, where nature connects you to the natural environment.

Bathroom design ideas bringing the outside inThis striking bathroom, designed and created by Simply Bathrooms, embraces every essence of wellbeing. Plenty of greenery and elements of gold add warmth to the look. Our Docklands round mirror in black, 80cm diameter, £230, takes centre stage above the vibrant vanity unit

Open storage

Combine your client’s prized possessions with co-ordinated accessories to create a showcase on smart, open shelving. This megatrend is all about blending shelf options with personal pieces to suit their individual style for discerning display décor. In fact, open storage continues to rise in popularity in the bathroom. After all, this is the perfect place to add some personalised style with a decadent display of lotions and potions.

Open storage in a bathroomOur square Pier Glass 4 Box Shelf in clear 8mm toughened glass is the epitome of this megatrend. It looks clean, crisp and contemporary in this bathroom beautifully designed by Simply Bathrooms


Think sophisticated metallic finishes, from satin aluminium to brushed brass, whether you choose exquisitely crafted hooks or brass-framed mirrors for your project. Metallics will instantly add an air of opulence to create the perfect bathing haven.

Mix and match

Featuring individual form and absolute function, you can blur any boundaries with transitional bathroom design ideas. From combining contemporary and traditional elements to mixing different genres, you are creating a fluid look with a spotlight on an enjoyable escape from the outside world. So, you can blend various elements together to make an exquisite style statement in your home. In addition, think colours, shapes, patterns and textures.

Freshwater bathrooms transitional bathroomBethan at Freshwater Interiors designed this bathroom, which captures the essence of transitional design. This balanced blend of traditional and contemporary features our black, aluminium frame Docklands Hexagonal mirror. It measures 50cm x 75cm and costs £165

Bathroom design ideas which embrace awkward spaces

Dealing with design constraints and enhancing ‘difficult’ areas in a relaxing retreat with a carefully curated piece, from a statement mirror to strategically-placed shelving, to create a feature with the wow factor.

Art in the bathroom

Add elements of your client’s personality with hand-picked pieces of artwork to stimulate their senses in their bathing haven. Now is the time to let creativity flow and enable art to play a key role in your bathroom design ideas with a gallery for maximum impact with minimum effort. After all, this megatrend is one of the best ways in which your client can embrace their inner artist. They can pick one or more pieces to stimulate their senses for you to create a unique display. So, you can transform the bathroom into a personal gallery, which will stand the test of time.

Belvoir oval mirror bathroom design ideas 2022This quirky pineapple print ties in the colour ways in this bathroom, instantly adding a modern touch to this space. Our Belvoir Oval mirror, adds to the look and it features Miralite Revolution to capture and reflect more light. This (55cm x 75cm) model costs £159 and I love this cleverly coordinated look

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