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If you’re looking for smart storage in the bathroom without reneging style, my shelving ideas could provide you with the perfect solution. After all, bathroom shelves have become so much more than a practicality. Designs need to accommodate easy accessibility and look super-stylish, too. A successful bathroom, which you have transformed into your own personal retreat, needs to be clutter-free with a place for everything.

Shelving ideas for keeping clutter at bay

Our bathrooms have become a haven of tranquility. However, if this is a cluttered space, this can impact your mental wellbeing. So, one of my favourite shelving ideas is to place some of those everyday essentials, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, behind closed doors. So, you can instead make an effort to showcase your beautiful pieces on open shelving, which will add to your sense of wellbeing. I describe shelf-care as an expression of individuality; a thing of beauty to embrace for a calmer outlook on life. There are plenty of bathroom shelving ideas, which will ultimately enable you to artfully display beautiful perfume bottles, trailing plants and diffusers. As a result, this will bring your bathroom to life in less clinical surroundings.

Simply Bathrooms Pier shelf shelving idea for showerDid you know we offer 48 combinations of bathroom shelving? Here, Simply Bathrooms embraces shelfscaping with our Pier transparent toughened glass shelves, £33 each, 60cmW x 0.8cmH x 12cmD. These provide a perfectly understated backdrop in this shower area, where lotions and potions create a stylish display

Shower planning

Quick white shower shelving ideas

Mix it up a little in your shower area with different shelving solutions. Our new Quick deep shower shelf in white, £95, 30cmW x 8.2cmH x 12.4cmW, looks striking and blends well with our two new Quick open shower shelves in the same finish, £89 each, 30cmW x 3.6cmH x 15.1cmD

Open-plan kitchens have already embraced the notion of display, where you can add decor to a space, which may otherwise feel more clinical. Therefore, adding texture, interest and elements of colour will create an open and more welcoming environment in a bathroom, too. My shelving ideas even extend to shower areas, where practicality will always be key.

You can also create a striking display on niche shelving with essential designer lotions and potions. After all, your toiletries demand some respect. So, you no longer have to tuck your shower gel and shampoo in one corner of your shower tray or wet room floor. Instead, you can display them at an easily accessible level, so they are close at hand. From a practical perspective, this shelving idea instantly provides a safer solution; this will prevent accidents when bending or kneeling to pick up your shower gel.

Alcove shelf-care

Christian Andrews - Pier Shelves shelving ideas

Clever customisation from Christian Andrews has helped to beautify this alcove even further with a black frame, which showcases our Pier toughened glass shelves in a black tint. Priced at £32 each

Whether your bathroom space is compact or you want to make a feature within a wall, an alcove, which is also known as a niche, makes a gorgeous shelving idea. I simply adore them – they are seamless, stylish and an oh-so-sleek piece for any bathroom. You can choose to have them lit or unlit, depending on their position in a bathroom, and even incorporate glass shelving into this space.

Simply Bathrooms black shelves in alcove

Simply Bathrooms is taking bathroom shelving ideas to another level with this striking alcove they have designed to feature our Pier glass shelves, £43 each, 60cmW x .8cmH by 12cmD in a stylish black tint and 8mm toughened glass

Take our Pier glass shelves, for example, which help to take shelving ideas to another level. After all, the shelves you choose and the way in which you position them can create a key focal point in a bathroom. And this is before you’ve even considered what to display on them. You can simply build these into your bathroom or wet room design at the start for a practical storage area and a gorgeous display unit.

Embrace shelfscaping

This notion is all about curating your favourite pieces to add character and create more interest in a room. You’ve probably already heard of tablescaping and bathscaping so this is simply and extension of that. Shelfscaping is one of the most interesting shelving ideas for me, because it’s all about blending storage solutions with decorative style.

Simply Bathrooms Pier box shelving for display purposes

Our Pier storage box shelves, £205, 45cmW x 45cmH x 16cmD, add the perfect display piece in this retreat designed by Simply Bathrooms. Elements of greenery add to designer lotions and potions for a striking shelving idea. This gives an illusion of space thanks to the transparent toughened glass shelves

Shelving ideas with practicalities

When it comes to styling shelving, I see this as a work of art. The key is to successfully mix your everyday essentials with more decorative pieces. Before you start, consider how you or your client plans to use this shelving. This will then help you choose the shelving style, position and the size you require.

Materials matter in a bathroom, because this is typically a humid, wet environment. So, glass shelves make an excellent choice as they will be ultra-durable. This can work well because it will blend into any scheme. In fact, transparent glass in different tints is becoming popular due to its reflective nature. However, it’s also high in demand due to its ability to blend in or contrast with your existing decor. Glass is also easy to clean and it can create an illusion of space and light in a room. After all, the bathroom does tend to be one of the smallest spaces in a home. Even in an alcove, the middle shelves can appear to be floating too. So, this shelving type won’t detract from your display pieces.

Innovative shelving ideas

Quick black lifestyle toilet roll holder shelving ideas

Our new Sonia Quick toilet roll holder with shelf in aluminium, £69, 175cm x 107cm x 99cm, features a contemporary matt black finish and provides a multi-functional style solution in a bathroom or cloakroom 

Creative shelving ideas will ultimately make storage look more stylish and they will serve a distinct purpose, too. I think some of the latest shelf innovations ensure versatility is key. For example, think toilet roll holders with a handy shelf for your mobile phone or diffuser, perhaps. This is such a simple solution, which looks super-stylish, too. And, if you’re short on space, or simply require a stand-out design feature, consider a towel rail with a handy shelf above for a compact design aesthetic.

Quick black matt towel rail with shelving ideasOur new Sonia Quick towel rail and shelf, £99, 450cm x 128cm x 101cm, will instantly add a versatile, practical solution to your bathing space, in aluminium with a sleek black matt finish

Styling shelving

When shelfscaping, this is all about balancing form and function, and adding your own personal taste. Don’t feel like you’re confined to any design boundaries, just unleash your own inner creativity. Then, you can successfully combine everyday practical essentials, such as your favourite perfume or body lotion, with decor ideas, from candles to houseplants. As a result, you’ll achieve a shelving display, which is filled with elements of your personality and creates added interest.

Please note: Every Origins Living piece featured above comes with a ten-year guarantee for your peace of mind

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