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In the age of Instagram and TripAdvisor, hotel bathrooms have never been more important. The right bathroom design can encourage guests to spend more time in your hotel and recommend it to their friends. The wrong one, on the other hand, may drive them away. Consequently, hotel bathrooms have become an increasingly important part of any hotel’s design strategy. After all, a recent study has shown that only 12% of travelers are likely to stay in a hotel again if they don’t like its bathroom—so it’s not just about looks! If you own or manage a hotel with tired old bathroom facilities, now is the perfect time to consider what new trends in hotel bathroom design might offer you. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Rich colours and textures

We’ve all seen the pictures of colourful, ornate guest rooms in centuries-old hotels in Europe. Those are the kinds of design features that made those hotels famous—and they’re also the kinds of features that can transform your bathroom into a modern masterpiece. Textured walls, bold colours, and ornate fixtures are all part of the latest trends in hotel bathroom design. Plus, they have the added benefit of helping to insulate against noise, which is especially important in busy urban hotels where guests will likely have a lower tolerance for disturbance. There are many different ways to incorporate these kinds of design features into your bathroom. For example, you can use bold wallpaper designs, tiles with ornate patterns, or even paint the walls in rich, bold colours such as red, gold, and silver.


Natural light

Natural light is an essential component of any hotel bathroom design. It softens the room, makes it appear larger, and—perhaps most importantly—helps to reduce the glare that often plagues hotel bathrooms. Studies show that having the right amount of light in a bathroom can make guests feel more relaxed, and even encourage them to spend more time in the room. That makes natural light a crucial component of any bathroom design. Instead of trying to install a ton of light bulbs, you can use a system of natural light to bathe your bathroom in soft, ambient light. For example, a light tube or skylight installed above the basin or shower can greatly enhance the natural light in your bathroom.


Hooks and Shelves

Transform any hotel bathroom into a storage haven with the addition of hooks and shelves! Not only will your guests have a place to hang their towels and robes, but they’ll be able to utilize the essential storage space by the basin and showering area with some custom-made shelves. Mounting a shelf over the sink is a great way to keep bathroom essentials close at hand, while a wall-mounted shelf above the shower or bath can be the perfect place to display those decorative items or store the complimentary bath products. Or, if you prefer a more subtle look, consider installing some hooks by the basin or showering area. These will provide a convenient place to hang your robes and towels, and also give you a place to securely hang hair dryers and other accessories. With a few simple changes, your hotel bathrooms can become an organised and aesthetically pleasing space. So get creative and get stylish with some functional and fashion-forward bathroom shelves!


High-tech hygiene

Hygiene is a crucial consideration when designing any hotel bathroom, but it’s often neglected by designers. Fortunately, the latest trends in hotel bathroom design include high-tech hygiene solutions. These solutions can generally be split into two categories: hygiene products and hygiene stations. Hygiene products include things like built-in toilet seat covers, disinfectant sprays for the toilet and sink, and even air fresheners that dispense fragrance. Hygiene stations are larger pieces of equipment that are installed in the bathroom and provide a range of hygiene solutions. For example, you could install a tap with built-in UV lights to sanitize water. These kinds of high-tech hygiene solutions are designed to make your bathroom cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant.



No matter how luxurious your hotel’s overall design is, an old, tired bathroom can bring everything crashing back down to earth. Luckily, the latest trends in hotel bathroom design can help you create a bathroom that attracts guests and improves their experience. Whether it’s by adding rich colours, installing natural light, or making your bathroom bigger, there are plenty of ways to incorporate these design trends into your bathroom. So, don’t delay: it’s time to transform your hotel’s bathrooms!