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Transitional design typically refers to a balanced blend of contemporary and traditional. However, it can encompass so much more. Take elements from each and you can mix different genres too, such as edgy industrial with rustic country. At Origins Living, we’re all about the aspirational, yet attainable. And, when it came to one of the bathroom settings in our virtual showroom, our co-founder Sofia Charalambous felt transitional design should be a key focus. Discover the thinking behind our luxury transitional bathroom display here:

Transitional vibes

Mixing it up is the new trend making waves in luxury bathroom design. So, we felt transitional would suit our display perfectly. We were specifically looking to create a unique bathing space, which would reflect individual style. However, it was important that this bespoke design would not be bound by prescriptive or specific concept constraints. The transitional theme here demonstrates a beautiful blend of traditional and Art Deco influences. And there is even more depth to this design as we also combine classic and contemporary accents.

Fundamental feelings

In this transitional bathroom, we wanted to convey a sense of sumptuous relaxation. Our design would, after all, pose as a retreat to escape from the outside world. Now that this luxury bathroom is complete, we feel you can suspend reality for a few precious moments behind closed virtual doors. Then, simply unwind and fully embrace the notion of wellbeing in the home.

Origins Living key pieces

Big is beautiful

Mirrors can help to create an instant aesthetic in a luxury bathroom. However, they can also create mesmerising reflections, which can transform a space. In addition, they can be hugely versatile. For this transitional design, we placed one of our Ravenna Light rectangular mirrors in a horizontal position on the wall above the bath. This way, it would create a stunning focal point with a BC Designs statement bath below.

This mirror also maximises the light, gives an instant illusion of space and an element of accessible grandeur. Big really is beautiful and the right mirror can be considered a valid work of art. In this position above the tub, you can see we’re thinking beyond the basin. So, this aspect enables you to embrace the possibilities our luxury mirrors can provide.

Ravenna Light mirror in transitional bathroomOur Ravenna Light mirror, measuring 140cm by 70cm, £690, makes a strong style statement in this transitional bathroom design

Choosing the right mirror can transform a transitional bathroom space into a bathing haven. Our Ravenna Light mirror really is special with a faceted artistic frame offering daylight illumination. We have also introduced a living wall, which frames the mirror, to bring elements of the outside in. We think this biophilic feature helps to soften the space and add some colour.

Small is stylish

Introducing two mirrors to a bathroom is a clever trick interior designers use to enhance angles in a luxury room. So, we’ve added a more compact version of our Ravenna Light mirror above the basin to help demonstrate this. Featuring daylight white lighting in the frame, this mirror creates instant cohesion with the model above the bath in this bespoke room design. Of course, functionality should be key in every bathroom. This is why the white lighting feature, touch switches and steam-free demister pads are all important factors to consider when specifying mirrors for a transitional scheme.

Ravenna Light mirror horizontal above basin in transitional bathroomWe positioned our Ravenna Light mirror, 60cm by 80cm, £520, vertically to take centre stage above the basin featuring the Victrion Lever 3 hole basin mixer in brushed nickel, £285, from BC Designs

Clever storage

Open bathroom storage is having a renaissance and we are keen advocates. After all, this allows you to create your own personalised display. Whether you choose to add Jo Malone perfume or La Mer body lotion (perhaps both!), you can instantly showcase your personality via open shelving. So, we’ve added a functional, yet stylish, clear glass shelf system, our Pier Box Storage, to this luxury bathroom. We think it highlights how contemporary open shelving can work beautifully in a transitional design.

Pier Box storage in transitional bathroomWe stacked two of our Pier Glass 4 box square shelves, 450mmW by 450mmH by 160mmD, £190 each, in clear 8mm toughened glass, for a stylish solution for this clutter-free transitional bathroom

Cohesion with accessories

These may tend to be an afterthought but we believe the right accessories can pull a luxury design together. There are so many considerations to take into account. Where will you hang your robes and towels? What’s the best place for your soap? Should this be in the form of liquid with a luxury dispenser? Do you require a soap dish? We think the ‘little details’ are often overlooked however these are vital to create a more relaxing environment and a clutter-free zone.

In this transitional bathroom, we chose our Tecno Project collection in brushed nickel. With a simple, stylish design, we knew these would complement the room in its entirety. You will find our designer towel ring, handy hooks, a beautiful soap dish and dispenser instantly add to the look.

Tecno Project luxury soap dispenserWe are big fans of brushed nickel as its warm, yellow hue is so versatile. Featuring premium quality materials, including brass, all fixings in our Tecno Project range are cleverly concealed for a more luxurious finish. Our soap dish, 116mmW by 55mmH by 150mmD, £79, and dispenser, 79mm by 142mmH by 139mmD, £125 (see above), feature frosted glass too which adds a stylish contrast to this metallic finish

The statement bath

The gorgeous freestanding Nickel Boat bath and wall-hung taps come from BC Designs. We felt these were must-haves for this setting. We were looking to evoke the luxurious feeling you can achieve, when soaking in a deep, statement tub. These traditional touches also complemented the contemporary elements in this design. We love brushed nickel finish because this metallic finish blurs the boundaries between gold and silver. Therefore, it’s incredibly versatile with timeless appeal.

BC Designs’ marketing manager Sally Cutchie explains: “Origins Living are always a pleasure to work with and are real trailblazers in the bathroom industry. So when they mentioned their virtual showroom, we couldn’t wait to be involved. Their products work beautifully with our freestanding baths and basins and their transitional bathroom display really showcases that.”

Sally adds: “When we saw our bath and taps in the transitional display, we felt blown away as the room design has such impact and glamour. Their team has done a fantastic job and they have showcased our nickel finish, which is reflective, luxurious and lends itself very well to high-end bathroom design, perfectly.”

BC Designs Nickel boat bathBC Designs’ Nickel Boat bath looks stunning and this model comes in two sizes, 1500mm and 1700mm, costing from £3,906. Their Victrion Lever 3 hole wall-mounted bath fillers in a brushed nickel finish with china lever handles, £347, complete the look

Marvellous marble

We picked marble for the walls and floor because it’s a natural, reflective surface, which creates more light and gives an illusion of space. This natural stone is not only luxurious but it’s timeless and transcends trends, providing the perfect canvas for the fixtures and fittings.

We work closely with sanitaryware manufacturers, retailers and designers to enable their clients to achieve the ultimate sanctuary in every bathroom. We carefully curate every piece, from luxury mirrors to designer storage solutions, to complement gorgeous rooms which, not only look super stylish but, are highly practical and attainable too. Please get in touch here now.