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Virtual Worlds

Bring your bathroom ideas to life with Virtual Worlds.
Find out how a Virtual Worlds designer can bring our beautiful bathroomwares to life with the award-winning virtual reality interior design package.

The value of great design

The good news is that there are over 2000 showrooms around the UK that use Virtual Worlds 3D design, with around 300 of them offering Virtual Worlds 4D, which allows you to step inside a true-to-life simulation of your proposed room design and compare the options before making any final decision.

Bring your bathroom ideas to life

When you choose our bathroomwares as part of a complete bathroom renovation, seeing them in 3D or 4D realism within the design does make all difference.

Buying a bathroom is not something you do every day. Unlike test driving a new car or looking around a new home your future bathroom project is not something you can experience before you buy it.