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Warm Hues and Endless Durability? It Has to be Brushed Brass

When it comes to renovating your bathroom space, most of us would focus our budget on the larger fixtures such as the bath, shower cubicle, and vanity unit. But forget the accessories at your peril! It is in the colour, shape, and features of your bathroom essentials such as taps and waste units, handles and towel rails and toothbrush holders that add interest to your bathroom design and tie it all together. So how do you incorporate sophisticated brushed brass bathroom elements to elevate your space?

Let us show you how!


Brushed Brass in the Bathroom: It’s Sophisticated

Picture a Victorian-style bathroom resplendent with dark wood vanity units, an elegantly curved roll-top bath, and white brick-style wall tiles. It’s the epitome of antique elegance that harks back to more refined decor choices. This is the decor that can take bold colour and patterns – a pop of emerald green, a floral wallpaper, dare we even say gilt mirrors?

Brushed brass bathroom accessories add cohesion to a Victorian space, adding warmth to a darker colour palette while also adding a subtle golden glow to the room. They’re perfect for a period home, particularly when used to replace existing worn features such as brushed brass shower taps fitted to the centre of a large bath for dark and dreamy gothic beauty.


Brushed Brass and White Removes Sterility

New build bathrooms are cool, white, and…well, a bit dull, giving the impression of a sterile doctor’s waiting room on a chilly winter’s day. Brushed brass is warm-toned, which can be used to inject a little bit of life into an all-white space.

The key to adding brushed brass (or any colour) in a one-hue environment is to balance it. Adding pops of the accent colour rather than overwhelming is the way to go, and can be cost-effective, too.

Focus on adding brushed brass hooks to provide a space to hang colourful towels, wooden shelving with brushed brass shelving brackets to increase storage space, and revitalise a shower/bath with a glass and brushed brass shower screen to introduce subtle, dappled light to your room.


The Practical Benefits of Brushed Brass

Besides its obvious beauty, brushed brass has many practical benefits. Brass is often used for taps and other bathroom fittings because of its durability. Choosing solid brass ensures your bathroom will be in good hands for decades.

Brushed brass is also smudge-proof, which makes it a perfect choice for young families, or those who don’t want to be polishing their bathroom taps every time someone uses them.


The Future of Brushed Brass

Our final thoughts? It’s clear that brushed brass pieces can serve wonders in your bathroom aesthetic––elevating your space and fine-tuning your colour scheme.

It’s a truly luxurious finish that transforms bland bathrooms into beautiful ones––from mirrors and shelves and beyond. Happy decorating!